Monday, December 7, 2009

the search is over.

I have been searching for a copy of The Night Before Christmas (not actively, but here and there as I have been out) and the search is now over. Being a slight book snob has its disadvantages, kind of like being a crafter. (A lot of times, I end up making things just because I can't find something that meets my expectations at the store...luckily, I am not so great at whipping out children's books.)

Saturday night, Chris and I had a little compromise date that led us out for sushi (bleh!) and to Barnes and Noble (yeah!). I was picking up some copies of The Christmas Carol for the family to read this month and ran across this fabulously illustrated The Night Before Christmas. Gyo Fujikawa's sweet artwork has graced our bookshelves before and I must say I was more than slightly pleased to hear each girl immediately identify his other works. This is a beautifully done book and is pretty much just what I was looking for. My other search that I would love your help on? A just as fabulous book that tells the nativity story.


Annalia Romero said...

That looks very cute...never heard of guy fugiwaki? who's that??

I've tried, but I just can't be a good mom today - they're driving me crazy. I'm going to Costco.

Ann said...

This is the book I grew up with!!!! Now I need to go get a copy. Love it!

Brittney Janeck said...

Love this!! Im trying to start a story book collection for Peyton and our soon to be born baby girl, and I am at a loss at which books to buy. Since you have great taste in books do you have a list of suggestions that you and your girls have enjoyed? I too am looking for the nativity story so please post it if you find one!

Sarah said...

Lia: You must explore Gyo Fujikawa. Must.

Ann: my kids loved hearing that!

Brittney: I am assuming you are talking just Christmas books? I love The Crippled Lamb and the Tale of the Three Trees. I have more Christmas books, but none that I just love to bits and pieces. I am about to have my sister do a better Nativity story as I am giving up on the search...sigh. If you want other books, non Christmasy, let me know. I *love* books!

Brittney Janeck said...

Those both sound like great books. Thank you! And yes I need other books too! I have plenty of picture books and am looking for ones with more meaningful story lines. Scriptual stories as well. They can be short stories or long and for all ages. Thanks Sarah!!