Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hotel Kang is up and running

Yes, our guest rooms are filled to the brim (not hard, seeing as we only have the one and all...) and all is a party with the "cool aunt" visiting for a brief (but now less brief) visit. Today was makeover day, which including Aunt Rachel making up my daughters in an effort to freak me out about my near future. (you know...make up, dating, growing up....all of that stuff!) We got so excited about her cute hair that we ran out for a little (as in 10 minutes or less) impromptu photo shoot. (All the while, leaving two very mischievous three olds with little supervision. Good thing the freezing cold kept us hurrying, eh?)
And why is she called the cool aunt? Because she does things like this (a lot):


Linda Tunnell said...

Love the hair Rachel! So cute!

Anonymous said...


Rachel Tunnell said...

thanks for taking them, Sarah- yesterday was so fun!

Annalia Romero said...

Ok. When I looked at your post, I was all, "Why did Sarah put one of her senior picture photo shoots with a post about Rachel?" Then... Oh! That's Rachel!

I like the brown that her black has faded to...almost as much as her natural red. I think she should go blonde, but that might be difficult to get to from where she is now.