Thursday, December 10, 2009

to pj or not to pj

I am really struggling with this and I think mainly because I don't want to make jammies this year and my kids, of course, want me to.

Since it was just Rachel and Autumn, there have been handmade jammies made out of $1/ yd flannel that was bought on the day after Thanksgiving. This year, Lilly helped me only get 1 1/2 hours of sleep before the big sale. Joann's fabric wasn't quite as cheap. And now, laziness and enjoying a very slow December is taking over. I like the relaxed mode that is going on at the Kang abode. for the pro argument. I mentioned to Rachel the possibility of not doing pj's, thinking that with her teenageness she would be absolutely with me on this decision. And she wasn't. She was shocked that I would think of getting rid of a tradition that, in all honesty, was made when I didn't think we would ever have more than 4 kids. Six pairs of jammies are more of a time commitment than four! So do I hold on to the tradition seeing that there might be a time in the near future when my kids will not be keen on matching pj's for Christmas Eve?



bloodfamily said...

I hate to say it Sarah, but I think that you need to keep this tradition. I tried to ditch one of our traditions, and it just about broke my kids' hearts - and they are teenagers. These are the special times that matter. I vote to keep it!

Jennifer said...

That is a tough one! I know in my own case, I am drawn to simplicity and all the "benefits" that come with it! I'd hate to be the one to "undo" a family's special tradition, but here are a few alternatives just for this year...

1. Buy a large bundle of Christmas fleece (Joann's Fabric has had it on for 50 percent off recently) and make one big blanket (large enough to fit all your children under) and have them snuggle together on the couch for some Christmas Eve pics... or

2. Substitute the homemade jammies for Christmas socks or slippers maybe? I've never made slippers, so I don't know if that would even be easier.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll know just what to do. And, I think that if you were to skip one year, it's still a tradition if you do it next year. :0) By the way, I recently saw a pic of my cousins in matching Christmas jammies that was taken back in their highschool and early college years... :0) Good luck, and sorry to be so long winded!

Samurai Mom said...

Tell the girls they will have to help sew them. I know they can do it!

Jeszie said...

Hello Sarah, I am Annalia’s friend Jessica. I have been stalking you blog for a while (I hope that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.) I want you to know you are an amazing mother, wife, sister and daughter. You love and do so much for your family.

I do matching jammies for my kiddies too. Some years they are made and some they are bought. It is for slightly selfish reasons though. I like our Christmas morning photos to be in clean matching, tattered free jammies. If I didn't get them new ones there would be photos of them in Thomas tops and Buzz Lightyear bottoms with holes in the knees showing the transformer long johns underneath (my boys.) Or Hello Kitty tops with Dragon Ball Z bottoms (I have a little girl who thinks Goku will kick the nightmares butts for her.) It is the only night/morning of the year that it matters to me.

Now, if making 6 sets of jammies this year too much for you; how about buying some? If it is important that they are homemade would embellishing them be enough to make them homemade? Also if Rachel is so keen on keeping the jammie tradition alive maybe it is time for her to step up and help make them :). It could start a new tradition.

Annalia Romero said...

PJ! - don't be lame.

Make Rachel help you! Tell her that it's the only way the tradition can continue. It's ok to ask for help - you've already admitted you have a problem (the first step, right?)