Monday, July 21, 2008

The Beach (with a compact flash card)

Our wonderful friends, the Jarmans, are visiting Oregon after their first year in Moscow. (Russia, not Idaho)  It has been so refreshing to have them back, getting to chat and catch up on our crazy past year.  When I heard a beach trip was in the works, we decided that was definitely worth packing up the kiddos.  Let's see.  Can we handle the beautiful drive and a day at the beach just to hang out with our favorite expats in the world?  

Although the day was colder than expected, the kids had fun getting themselves (and everyone around them) sandy.  Elise dug away in the sand, running away from any water before it was a danger to her. (She remembers getting knocked over many times at Tillamook)  She loved seeing all of the dogs at the beach, too.  "Cute huah-huah.  Cute."  (Huah-Huah=chihuahua) 

Lilly loved being held the whole time and left with very little sand in her neck (unlike our last trip), but lots of sand in between her toes.  Man!  I should have taken a picture.  It was super cute!

The other girls really didn't hang out with me very much.  They played with the sand and I hung out with great people.  It was a  wonderful day. 

Drip Sand Castles:  Has anyone made these?  Allyson enlightened us, giving us this little demo.  All you do is drip wet sand, but they were making some pretty neat stuff here.  Chris said it looks like poo.  I think he changed one too many poopy diapers yesterday. :)

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