Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting in touch with my creative side

Today was supposed to start out with hitting some garage sales, in search of some vintage stuff for Chloe, Hannah and Elise's new room. All the kids were ready (Chloe armed with some money in her cute little pink purse) when I discovered that the keys were nowhere to be found. I called Chris to ask why he took the car, but he swore he didn't. Upon further discussion, we discovered that he had the keys at work, without the car. Dang. No garage sales.

So here is what we did instead. Laundry. :) Nah, that was only until Elise took her nap. **Note that Lilly was sleeping this whole time in her magic blanket** I got out some paints and some collage stuff that I purchased the other night and got creative. I've been looking through Claudine Hellmuth's great book and was dying to create some ideas that were wondering around in that little head of mine. So here are the results. And the results of my kids getting to play with paints. The key here: Elise was taking her little 2 year old mandatory nap and Lilly was bonding with her magic blanket. (for 4 hours!!!)


Islandalli said...

SO nice to be able to use those creative powers for good! You are a braver mom than I, paints rarely ever come out at our house and when they do, it's outside. I don't do glitter either. Another great way to spend a summer day.

Emily Falconbridge said...

these are adorable and im so glad you have a blog now! i love claudine hellmuth too ;)