Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome back!

Here I am, back in the blogging world. After enjoying other blogs so much, I have been feeling quite a bit of guilt for falling off of the blogging wagon. And guilt sometimes actually leads to change for me. Let's see if it sticks.

It is later than I would like it to be, thanks to a little bit more time wasted on my blog banner. Thus, this is going to be a short post. I must get to bed soon. Today the oldest girls went to Nike for a belated "Take your son/daughter to work" day. It really isn't much like work at all. They play and get to have lots of fun. The girls went on a tour where they saw shoes made for an elephant, a goose and batman. Yep. At least it was today and not tomorrow. Chris will be quite busy tomorrow and their visit might have interrupted his Wii olympics. Working hard over there at Nike. :) UPDATE: My husband has won a gold medal in the 100m run. With no training, might I add!

Once they got home, we did some sewing. I am working on a bunch of napkins after Bend the Rules told me that cute little napkins would make our dinner complete. Yes, I believe everything I read. And so far, Amy Karol is completely right. It has been so much fun having cute napkins at dinner. Elise was a little confused with these non-paper napkins, but tonight she was already calling them nackies. There you go. Dinner is fun. Autumn worked a little more on her doll quilt and Rachel started a puppet for a girl scout badge. Pictures will follow. (When it isn't past midnight)

We also took a quick trip to the pool. I didn't get my swim suit on since Lilly had just slept for a few hours in her Magic Blanket and I figured she would want to eat at the pool. Of course, this decision convinced her to sleep the whole time we were there. So I could have swam. Next time I will be prepared. And thank you, Cherlyn, for the Magic Blanket. Naps are at least twice as long as long as the magic blanket is touching her. We love the magic blanket. Now we just need a magic diaper that Elise can't take off when she is poopie! Good night, all. Welcome. Again. :)

Note: These pictures are from the 4th of July. We made little hankie/headbands for them to show their patriotism. Chris thinks they make them look a little "outdated". I like the word vintage better. I think that I like them even more for that very reason. Something about a little girl wearing a hankie/headbandy "thingamajig" that just makes me want to give out hugs. And yes, Rachel was feeling a little silly this 4th of July. Just a little, eh?


Trying to be compliant said...

I'm glad you like the "magic" blanket! :) I truly thought of you when I saw the colors. I think the furry fleece on the back is a nice touch--I figured that one out all by myself! ;)

Samurai Mom said...

You have Bend the Rules? that does it I am inviting myself over to look at it. Yesterday I found 4 crafts I wanted to do on the front page of AngryChicken

Sarah said...

I don't actually have Bend the Rules. (Although Micheal's does!) I just look at it and drool all over it. But it is about to be shipped to me through interlibrary loan. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Sarah!

My sister is having a little baby soon, so I was wondering if you know where I can buy a "Magic Blanket" at...