Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Waxy rocks

Today we made the easiest kids craft ever from a book called Summer Crafts.  I didn't like a ton of ideas from the book, but these were right up my aisle.  Here it is, easy style.
1.  Put your clean rocks in the oven on a cookie sheet for 15 minutes, at 350.
2. While they are in the oven, peel the wrapper off of a bunch of crayons.  If your 2 year old loves to peel crayons in all of her spare time, you can skip this step. (This made the rocks even easier for us! Thank you, Elise.)
3.  When the rocks are nice and toasty, you reiterate to your children how stinking hot these rocks are going to be and how very careful they are going to have to be with this part.
4.  Fun part: Choose your crayon of choice and just color on the rock as it melts.  You can mix lots of colors and do different designs.  
My favorites were the stripes and the turquoise looking rock.  This was such an easy craft that doesn't require lots of weird supplies.   I think we might even do it again in a few days.

These are my new shoes.  I fell madly in love with them.  I consider it good karma.  About a month ago I saw these other cute shoes at the Nike Employee Store, but there was a slight problem.  There were 3 color options, but Rachel and I both liked the same one.  I made a motherly sacrifice of letting Rachel have a pair, but every time I look at her shoes I think "ahhh....I love those shoes!"  So these shoes are my reward.  Nike was so happy with my sacrifice that they brought in these shoes, which I like even more, to reward me. Silly logic, but I like it.   See Lilly's smile?  She likes my shoes, too.

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Jen said...

Cute shoes! Fun craft! And I think Lilly looks a lot like Chris!