Saturday, July 19, 2008

Swinging away

Last night we went to Hillsboro for a concert in the park.  This week was swing music, which I have a secret love for.  We packed a picnic and the kids up and met some people from our ward for the evening.  In my head, I imagined us sitting on the grass while watching the kids dance to the music around us.  It was a great evening, but as always, it didn't quite work that way.  

We had a nice dinner with the kids' adopted grandparents (they put up with the kids during church every Sunday with us so they definitely have earned the title).  I love people that just make you feel at ease.  That is the Nees'.  They are what gets us to church every Sunday on time. (We lose our spot by them if we are late)  She came to watch the kids in the middle of the night when Lilly was born.  The kids run to them every time they see them.  And Hannah climbs all over them for an hour and a half every Sunday.  Dinner was yummy and made complete with good company.  Then the kids wanted to run to the playground.  Once the Leetes came for the concert with their older girls, there was no turning back.  Our "swing" concert turned into the tire swing sort of concert instead of the big band swing sort.  

It was still a balmy evening with great music surrounding us.  Relaxing and always fun to talk with great people.  And the kids want to go to more concerts.  Maybe the next one will be closer to my little image in my head.  Probably not, but it all turned out beautifully and we are definitely going to do this again.   

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