Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Baking Marathon for the Nike Folk

Seeing as next week is the big landscaping day(s)  with all of Chris' amazing coworkers from Nike, I thought I should get baking.  So far, we have 3 batches of no bake cookies, 3 batches of snickerdoodles and Chloe and I just finished mixing the chocolate chip/ oatmeal cookies and the scotchies. (2 batches each)  Chris has even been single handedly monitoring batches and making sure that your cookies will not be too toasty or too doughy.  Yes, you may be wet and filthy dirty, covered in clay next week, but you will be enjoying some mighty tasty homemade goods from the Kangs.  Ok.  It doesn't even begin to pay you back for the great feat you are about to perform, but I will keep trying.  Let me know if there are any other favorites that you would like to see next weekend! (I already have rice krispy treats, raspberry shortbread and sugar cookies and ranger cookies on the queue. Any more requests?)  We are so grateful to you all for your help and support!  Thank you!

1 comment:

Annalia said...

Sofia says a baking marathon should be called a "bake-athon".
And hearing your list of treats really makes me want to come over and do yardwork! :)