Sunday, November 2, 2008

This little Piggy: Part 2

Yeah!  Chris had increased movement of his toes tonight.  He can scrunch them up now.  An interesting note: When Chris is trying to do something with his right side, you can look at his left side and see by what that side is doing how hard he is trying and what he is trying to do.  When he scrunched up his toes, his left toes and fingers were working SO hard.  (It is actually pretty fun to see what he wants to do by looking over at his left side. )  What we've learned is that some movement is better than none because that movement only gets easier as time goes by.  Who knows?  A week from now, it might be a whole lot easier to scrunch up those piggies.  Also, he ate his corn with his right hand tonight and the hand to mouth movement wasn't nearly as strained as it has been in the past.  

So, you all know about Nike's incredible plan to landscape our backyard on the 15th, right?  Well, about a week ago, we got a message from a friend of ours offering to put in the sprinkler system before the Nike gang came over.  I think he used the word easy in his message, but after a very long day with a bunch of friends from our old ward, I would hardly call it easy.  I think it belongs on an episode of  "Dirty Jobs", personally.  Here is a picture of these great friends, working in the rain.  Thanks, guys!

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