Monday, November 17, 2008

It's great to be Hannah

Wouldn't we all love to have Hannah's self confidence?  Today Hannah said to my dad "Every family would be lucky to have a kid like me!" and yesterday she told Chris how cute she is.  Well, Hannah, I agree with you on both counts! 


Leigh Anne said...

I bet it is great to be Hannah! How we miss seeing those cute girls at church each Sunday - of course we miss you and Chris too!!

Motherboard said...

She is beautiful. And you will be glad she has that self confidence when teenage years hit... I was with MY HANNAH!

You have been added to the A little of Everything category on the mormon mommy blogs!

Good luck and happy blog stalking!

Angela said...

I agree!!!! Every family would be lucky to have a Gomo like... I mean... a kid like Hannah!