Thursday, November 20, 2008

Consider it an early Christmas present (or something like that)

Man, taking pictures of your own kids is just down right hard.  I really should start taking Chris along to help.  I said that last year, too, but a year later that thought had completely escaped my frazzled little brain.  Having a face that isn't behind the camera is so helpful with kids. Dang.  Next year! I can't show you guys more than one family picture because, quite frankly, wouldn't that ruin the Christmas card if you knew what it was going to look like ahead of time? 

Let me just say that I am so lucky to have any pictures with Elise.  It wasn't a matter of trying to get her to look at the camera or smile (I have embraced the natural, less "posey" style out of pure necessity, but now I prefer a picture of my kids showing their personalities a little bit), but it was simply trying to get her to actually be in the picture instead of 100 feet away from where we wanted to picture to be.  Or trying to get her to sit up instead of laying on the ground, face down.  Or to stop playing in the dirt and getting it all over her face in the middle of the picture.  You know, minor things like that.  Yes, she is two.  Today proved it big time. :)

The story behind this picture?  Elise saw Autumn posing on this lovely tree (Can I just say that Forest Grove is overflowing with great picture locations?) and she decided to pose just like Autumn had been.  After getting a few great pictures of Elise (acting like a puppy next to the tree), I told the girls to pose around her in an attempt to get a group shot.  This is when Elise got very cranky because this was now "her tree".  We decided the girls would sneak up around the tree and peak in to avoid upsetting Queen Elise.  Turned into a rather cute shot, considering what we were up against.  Compliments of Elise and all of her twoness. 


Meg said...

Nice Triangle Sara!

Rachel Wessel said...

so cute Sarah! Your lack of boring poses still amazes me =)