Monday, November 10, 2008

Preparing me for teenage drivers....

We did a little driver's ed again today, which I think is horrible since I have said since the beginning of parenthood that Chris would be the one teaching our kids to drive.  Cruel world.  After Family Home Evening (or our lame attempt at it), we lured the girls into the car with promises of McDonald's ice cream.  As soon as they were all content with their "cream cones" (as Elise calls them, ever so affectionately), we went to a newly developed and relatively empty neighborhood.  The girls all were pretty giggly about Daddy relearning how to drive, but I sided with Lilly, who started screaming at the top of her lungs as soon as Chris got in the driver's seat.  Amen, sister!  

Tonight, there was a lot less hugging the right side of the road, much to my relief.  Chris was even able to drive with both hands on the wheel without scaring me into my own little stroke.  He learned how to take curves (a must up here in Forest Grove) without jerking and freaking out the wife.  The one time he really scared me tonight, the girls were laughing hysterically and told me that he "did it on purpose".  From the look on his face, I am pretty sure that was not the case, but we won't tell the girls that.  Overall, he did a ton better today than a week ago.  Just like teenagers, I just think he needs practice.  We need to start tracking my blood pressure after these little lessons.  Before we know it, he will be driving to work again.  (And yes, in case you are wondering, driving is doctor approved.)  

Chris has been lifting weights, increasing his weights by 500%! (He started at 1 lb and is now at 5 lbs!)  It has been discouraging for him to feel his arm turn my arms, but today we were able to feel some muscle in there when he flexed.  All of this work is paying off!  I am so proud of his determination and perseverance.  He is one great man, even if he won't let me take his picture.  

Non-Chris side note:  We went to the Forest Grove Library Book Sale today and scored big time.  We got some great classics that are old, but in great condition.  Not only will they be fun to read, but they are going to look so cute on my bookshelf.  I love old books!  When I see them at Powell's, they are in the $30 range.  I was more than thrilled to shell out $.50 a pop.  Cheap thrills, quite literally.


Bridget said...

Hi Sarah,

Forgive me for not recognizing your name but it just hit me today that it's you that sent us a card for Evan. Thank you! We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

You may be interested in putting in a passenger side brake to your car. They don't cost very much and could save you a lot...emotional stress, potential property damage and most importantly, your marriage. I'm not saying that you have marital problems, it's just that in our business we see many relationships strained while learning to drive.

Let me know if you're interested and want more information. I can ask which kind we use at our school. I think they're between $250-$300 and it doesn't take that long for a mechanic to put one in.

It'd be a long term investment...put it in now for Chris and then take it out and save it for when your girls start driving. Spread out over each person, the investment is minimal and the peace of mind and control over the car is priceless.

Beth Tunnell said...

Now what is so bad about right side huggers? I personally feel that it is a whole lot better than left side leaners... but maybe that's just because I tended to be a right side hugger when I learned to drive. It just seems so much safer when all those other cars are coming towards you!