Thursday, November 20, 2008

Off to Vegas we go

Tonight we got the very sad news that Chris' uncle passed away tonight.  We are heading out tomorrow with the whole family to Las Vegas.  In the Korean culture, they do not call adults by their first name because they consider it disrespectful.  Instead, they "number" their aunts and uncles.  This uncle, #1 Uncle, is the relative that sponsored Chris and his parents when they came from Korea.  They lived at his Uncle's for their first year in Las Vegas, and it is #1 Uncle (Also fondly known as jek jek halapoji/ bird grandpa because of all of the great birds he kept in his backyard) that taught Chris that you should only go swimming when the thermostat reads 100 degrees.  (Which he still holds to, annoyingly enough)  It is #1 Uncle that sold Chris' family the cadillac that Chris was driving when we met.  It is #1 Uncle that would shower the girls with treats whenever we would stop for a visit.  I can't remember if it was with Chloe or Hannah (I am thinking it was Hannah), but we went to visit when she was especially shy and wouldn't leave my side for the whole trip.  It took a few minutes for her to feel comfortable around Jek Jek Halapoji and she grabbed his hand and pulled him outside to see his chickens.  On second thought, that must have been Chloe because I am not sure if Hannah was ever shy.  

He was a good man that Chris looked up to as a Grandfather figure that he never really had and we look forward to celebrating his life and supporting his wonderful wife during this hard time.  Off to Vegas we go....time to pack up the kids now.


Islandalli said...

So sorry to hear that. Our condolances.

HCJ said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Kang family. Hope your trip goes without incident and that you can celebrate the life of the man you knew and loved!

Crazy Mom of Four said...

i am sorry for you loss, and glad that Chris had him in his life. Enjoy the time together with the family.