Thursday, March 5, 2009

10 things I love about him....

1.  He is my dragon slayer.  He goes to work everyday, even when he doesn't feel like it, to support our family.  He has never questioned and has always supported my desire to stay at home with the girls.
2. He makes me laugh.  a lot.  and not at him. (ok, sometimes at him.)
3. He steps in when I go psycho and sorts out all of the hormones into some form of reason.
4. He is so stinking cute.  Look at that face!  How could you not love him?
5. When he is grumpy, I can always make him laugh with a certain song.  This tells me he can't be all that grumpy, eh?
6. He is a fighter.  The last 6 months have dealt him an enormous blow and he takes it in stride and just keeps on working.  He has had his favorite hobbies taken away from him and I haven't heard him complain about it ONCE. (Uh oh....I might be reminding him to)
7.  He does hard things.  Take medication for his blood pressure or be on an extremely restricting diet?  Let's do the diet. that why he married me?  :)  
8.  He has a very strong sense of right and wrong.  He will never pirate music, software or movies.  He does not lie (even white lies, which I wouldn't mind him telling to me every now and then) and can always be trusted.
9. He re-tucks the kids in throughout the night to make sure they are warm and every morning when I wake up, Lilly's door has a towel in front of it to block out the light.  
10. He never undermines me in front of the girls.  Even if I am totally wrong and should be put in my place, he stands by me.  
11. He doesn't mind my love affair with Colin Firth and Patrick Stewart.  (Although he has tried an English accent a few times to compete)
12. He is a genius, even if the stroke has slowed him down a little bit.  I like to say it evened the playing field, but we both know that he is still much smarter than I am. 
13. He is 100% supportive of my home schooling adventures.  I will always remember the time I thought about sending Autumn to kindergarten.  He said, drenched in sarcasm, "That would be great!  She could learn her abc's and how to count to 20!" (She was reading at a 3rd grade level and in 2nd grade math.)
14. He tolerates my worm bin, my compost, my rain barrel (now he has to, right?) and my recycling.
15. He gave up his office for my craft room.
16. He watches Dancing with the Stars "just" to be with me

Okay, I'm over 10, but I challenge all of you to blog your 10 things and post a link in the comments.


Paige said...

It was fun to read what your list was & fun to write my own! Thanks for the challenge.

Grandma Linda said...

he sure was a cute little one!

Missy said...

I didn't know you had some many girls!! How cute are they :)