Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby (insert Elise's animal of the moment) no more. Sigh.

Elise:  Mommy Monkey, we go get my Thomas cream cone?
Me: Yes, baby monkey, we are going to get your cream cone.
Elise: I Elis-ee monkey.  Baby monkey at home.  We go get baby monkey.
Me (saddened that Elise has officially decided, on the way to McDonald's, that she is no longer my baby): No, Daddy is home with baby monkey.  We don't need to go get her.
Elise: Daddy monkey can't pick baby monkey.  We go get baby monkey.
(She's right.  Picking up baby monkey is awfully hard for daddy monkey.)

The ice cream right before dinner?  That was bribery for semi-cooperating while I took some pictures of her "Thomas Haircut" for Grandma. (at least that is how I sold it. )


Annalia Romero said...

Wow. So cute. You are very lucky that bribery works with her. The holding-them-down method of haircutting yields poor enough results with boys, muchless girls.

I remember Jonny being much more cooperative (if candy and tv was involved) than James is. What am I doing wrong?

Beth Tunnell said...

Oh! Her hair is soo cute! I cut Britton's the other day. Shhh. Nobody knows but you! It's a cute little page boy cut. Elise looks beautiful! I should have thought of bribery. Britton was jumping around like crazy the entire time because she was so excited to get her hair cut. And she goes around telling everyone about it(but we don't get out much, so she hasn't shown too many people).

bloodfamily said...

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do...the only thing is - what works for one child doesn't work for another. Sigh. I still butt heads with my 18year old. He is holding out for a mohawk! He graduates in June. I guess he will be walking for graduation with a mohawk. We'll see.

Emma said...

That's really cute! Mommy monkey and daddy monkey? Her haircut is really cute and I love it!

Grandma Linda said...

Sarah that is the cutest picture I think I'v ever seen of Elise...are there more? good job mom