Thursday, March 19, 2009

No more late night runs to Target

Inevitably, I find myself running for a diaper to find that we only have one left.  yikes!  As much as I love Target, I don't always want to run there to buy diapers before Elise wakes up for a diaper change.  A little late in the game, as we are on #6 girl and not #1, I have found the answer.  A friend just turned me onto  I figured it out to be .03 less per diaper (which isn't a ton), but I figure it is totally worth not having to trek out to Target when it seems to be least convenient.  They also have a handy dandy referral system which give anyone I refer a $10 coupon, while giving me a little piece of the pie to.  I see free diapers in my future, what do you think?  Free diapers....ahhhh.  If any of you parental figures out there need some diapers, they can hook you up with a $10 coupon and free shipping (what?  Diapers brought to your front door?) if you enter my lovely referral code of : kang8 (as in there are 8 of us at our carved up dinner table).  Now I can just go to target for the fun stuff.  Like cute and funk towels.  Or shoes? I want to go to target.  Woo hoo!


Chickenista said...

Wow six girls!!! See Daddy asked God to surround him with beautiful women and he did! ♥

Emma said...

Cool! Although I'm not a parent I'd say that would be the best thing ever!!!