Sunday, March 29, 2009

Goodwill finds

Depending on the girlies and their varying moods (and boy can they vary!-myself included), we find ourselves wandering they aisles of our neighborhood Goodwill store. Some of the places that we check for bargains are: 1. the linen section because old sheets can be made into just about anything 2. The frame section for frames that are calling out for a little spray paint (as used in Rachel and Autumn's room. Lots of pink and brown frames all over the place.) 3. The basket aisle for odds and ends that are great for storing other odds and ends, including but not limited to towels, sewing supplies, current projects, baby toys and play food 4. Trinket aisle- It has a lot of junk, but every now and again I come across something that is calling for me 5. Book aisle for great old books that are hard much cheaper than our neighborhood Powell's. When the girlies are in an especially good mood, we venture to the Goodwill Outlet store, where we get to feel like we are dumpster diving. (But we leave with 2 carts full for $35! And baskets are the best here because they charge by weight and...baskets are light!)

During our most recent trip we found a chair for my craft room, a sheet that was torn up for our braided rug that Chloe and I are making, a honey dispenser (just like the one Hannah broke 2 years ago before I even got to use it!) and last, but most certainly not least, a recipe stand. If you had asked me, upon entering said store, if I thought I needed or even wanted a recipe stand...I must confess that I might have said no. This recipe stand (for a lovely 1.99...or as Chris would say, 1.99 too much) called to me. It asked me to paint it, give it a new life and here it is. Minus the recipes, which I will be adding soon. See this green? This is also the color that I am dying to paint my kitchen. Please, Chris??


Annalia Romero said...

I like the green...very vintage. Though I'd have to think about it for your kitchen.
Looks super useful too, if you put your top recipes in it. Of course, I haven't been to your house in a while.
I love that moda site. Is mine the coin stack quilt. I want to make some experimental doll quilts or something.

Your concious said...

Definitely NOT for the kitchen... maybe the toilet room where you'd see shades of this color from now and then in other things

Jenn said...

Oh that is cute!!!

We don't have a Goodwill here, although there are a few thrift stores. If you ever come to visit me, though, I promise I will take you to a country auction. You might never want to leave. We bought Ethan Allen desks for $15, our big kitchen table for $12, frames for $1, and we have seen other phenomenal deals go too... entire chests full of tools for $20. The auctions are so much fun, and you get so much for so little. I personally like to buy the boxes of old milk glass dishes for $1 or 2 and put them to use throughout the house.