Monday, March 2, 2009

Dainty in all she says and does

Some kids will throw up all over the bed or the carpet, but not my Chloe.  She came downstairs and sat on my lap while I helped Rachel with math.  When there was a pause, she told me that I needed to give her a dollar.  Trying to remember what dollar I forgot to pay her, I finally asked her why I owed her a dollar.  She quietly told me (looking like she was about to cry) that she had thrown up in the toilet.  She is tucked in bed, armed with a throw up bowl, ready to sleep.  And the flu bug is here, but hopefully not for long.  Chloe is definitely a nice sicky.  


bloodfamily said...

What a sweetheart....sorry that she is sick.

Becky said...

I am so sorry, I hope it goes away quickly!

Annalia Romero said...

Poor Chloe! Tell her we hope she feels better soon!