Saturday, April 18, 2009

Orion is my new main squeeze

All of the girlies and I adventured out to our first star party tonight, courtesy of the lovely people at OMSI, at Stub Steward Park.  To say that we enjoyed ourselves is an understatement and I think that we will be working on Astronomy this week.  Yes, it was a little cold and I don't know if we would have made it to the fun part (you know, once the sun went down and all) if it weren't for our friends showing up and giving me an extra dozen hands or so for baby wrangling.   My favorites of the night?  Seeing Saturn, complete with rings and moons and meeting Orion's nebula.   There were many telescopes set up by their owners who were friendly, patient with children and willing to impart their astrological knowledge to anyone willing to listen.  We came knowing about....very few constallations. (I am not willing to confess my small scope of knowledge to all of you out there!)  We left having Orion under our belt :) and having seen Mercury, Saturn, Triton, the winter triangle, Betelgeuse, Rigel, Cassiopeia, Leo, the big dipper and the little dipper.  I say it was a hit with all parties involved and we are already making plans to attend the next star party in two weeks.  (this time: hot cocoa, a tent for little ones to chill and maybe a picnic before sunset?)  Thank you, OMSI and the wonderful Rose City Astronomers for answering all of our questions. (and letting Hannah look in their telescopes over and over because she had an especially hard time seeing things tonight!)  


Beth Tunnell said...

Orion's the best! How do three-year-olds fair at an activity like this...Because it sounds like fun to me!

Annalia Romero said...

That's so cool, Sarah! I want to come...someday.

Heather said...

As the park ranger responsible for scheduling park events, I wanted to take the time to say "THANK YOU" so much for your kind words on your blog. We hope you'll join us again throughout the summer for more park events and star parties.

We often get comments sent to us if a visitor has a suggestion or complaint, but we LOVE getting comments (and seeing them on blogs, etc) about how much fun our visitors have had.

Take care and tell your children hello from Park Ranger Heather. :-)