Monday, September 5, 2016

Panchans: They're served with any order, are super delicious and change from day to day. 
Nangmyeon (냉면)

A few really amazing things happened today:

1. The girls found out that there is a normal toilet on the 2nd floor of our school.  My approval rating for our Korean class jumped significantly knowing that we would no longer have to avoid water on class days!

2. On the way home from class, it was pouring down rain and we were umbrella-less. (Which is completely unacceptable in Korea-everyone uses umbrellas for any amount of rain! In Korean dramas, if you get stuck in the rain you will probably be on your death bed for the next few days.) we ran into a bakery because that is what you do in the rain, right?  The lady was kindly musing over our lack of umbrellas.  In Korean.  Yep, I understood.  And I could actually respond.  I told her that on the morning, it wasn't raining so we didn't bring umbrellas!  And she understood me!  I had a two way conversation with someone besides Halmoni.  And they understood me.  Cheap thrills but it made my day.

3. The rice cooker that I couldn't figure out? I came home and the rice that I left in it was cooked.  I thought Halmoni cooked it but then she came home and said "you cooked the rice?" Something I did worked.  Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure what it was.  Chris is coming tomorrow and his first job is going to be translating the rice cooker buttons.

4. We took Elise and Lilly to Hogsmeade tonight for family home evening.  It is a little Harry Potter cafe that happens to be around the corner from church and a rather short bus ride from Halmoni's house.  What are the odds?  They were in heaven, eating their overpriced tarts and butter beer and taking pictures with all things Potter related.  It's a pretty cute idea for a cafe and had a nice little ambiance going on.   After a bus ride to contemplate the evening, Elise confessed that she saw a few flaws.  I suggested she tuck them away for when she opens her own Harry Potter cafe.

5.  I had nangmyeon for lunch. It's one of my favorite Korean foods ever.  And it is only $5 at the restaurant by our school.   Every time I eat it, I think of the first time Chris' mom made it for us. I politely told her I wasn't hungry was a cold noodle soup.  She persuaded me to give it a try and ever since then, I order nangmyeon if it is on the menu anytime it is remotely warm outside.

Chris will be here by this time tomorrow. The girls can't wait for an excuse to skip Korean class.  I can't wait go on early morning walks with my cutie.

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Linda Tunnell said...

what an experience your having! Keep up your blog, its wonderful! So are you staying at Chris's grandmas?