Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We are now back in Daegu and ready to experience our first Korean holiday. You'll get to hear about Chuseok for a few days (apparently, Thanksgiving in Korea involves three days of eating. Beat that, America!) so I will stick to blogging about Busan today.

All of the rain was gone today so we tromped around Haeundae today.  There is a great trail that goes along the coast that provided shade, a nice breeze, an epic view AND a visit with the mermaid/queen statue.  Lilly was a little disturbed by her lack of sea shells. There were lots of stairs but I only managed 28 flights of stairs today so it wasn't too bad.   We did some more culinary touring with some kimchi mandu (dumplings), shrimp mandu, squid tempura and lots of sikhye (a sweet Korean rice drink). I found another place that sold Misugaru smoothies and this one was even better than last night.  My rules for Korea? If there is a western toilet, you at least try. If a cafe makes Misugaru smoothies, you always order at least one.  This time the girls had snow ice while I ate my smoothie so I was safe from having to share too much. 


We let the kids play very briefly at the beach because the sun was out in full force and we didn't have any sunscreen.  The water was refreshing but not freezing. The ocean breeze was gentle enough to cool you down without throwing sand in your eyes. It was perfect but I did manage to swing a sunburn in that 15 minutes.  Darn!

We came home to a sweet Halmoni that had slaved away making us dinner.  Fish pancakes, green onion pancakes and soup.  I'm telling you, you cannot keep this 97 year old woman down.  Dinner hit the spot after two days of street food!   She chastised me before she left for the night because we aren't eating enough rice.   Bonus: she called when we were at the train station and I told her where we were! (And I understood what she was asking ...which is way better than my conversation with the taxi driver. Don't ask.)

good news minute: we finally found a scale today at emart.  We casually pulled it down to try it out and...I've some how managed to lose weight while eating like a queen.  Yes, the scale could be off but I'm not going there. It was also night time and I was fully clothed. (Phew!) The stairs, kimchi and Misugaru are working. Go team!

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