Wednesday, September 14, 2016

And today I gained back all of that weight. ;) It is Chuseok in Korea, which means three days off of work and school. It also means extensive eating with family.  Like a whole ton of eating.  Today we went over to uncle's house and helped cook. (Sort of.  We weren't great help but we did try.  And I now know how to fry lotus roots and make egg battered meatballs that aren't balls.) It was all delicious. Everyone was stuffed.  Que the next course.  We ate japchae (stir fried sweet potato noodles; one of my first Korean foods that I liked 20 years ago), chicken, rice, and panchans a plenty. The kids were looking sick yet family was still encouraging them to eat more.  I kind of "wink, wink, nodded" to Chris to explain to them that the kids were done or throwing up soon.  So much good food.  Wonderful company as Chris uncle's family is the bomb diggity.  Kind to each other, fun to hang out with, they put away their phone and are great with the girls...oh, we just love them!  So great day.  We are heading home, feeling royally stuffed when they started talking about breakfast tomorrow.  Apparently today was kind of a warm up. Tomorrow is an all day affair, folks.  Oh. My. Dear.  We start at 9 am so I'm going running at 6:30. It's the only way to survive the feast.  The good side of it? At least it is food we love! Imagine if they were giving us gross food.  It could be worse.

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