Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mother Nature pulled a mean trick on us here on Daegu.  It was hot and humid but we were used to it and surviving.  Then it got nice and cool and we were ecstatic.  We pulled out our jeans and sweaters and were living it up for two days.  And then it got horribly humid again but this time it felt worse because we had enjoyed the fresh cool air.  We basically felt like we were going to die yesterday and ended up with some pretty cranky kids as a result.  I threw some shikhye (rice lemonade? It is sweet and refreshing) their way, along with their favorite Popsicles.  Speaking of horrible humidity, we don't have an air conditioner here.  Ok, we kind of do.  I see one in Halmoni's apartment but it has never been on and isn't plugged in.  We've been ok as we keep the windows open and normally have a nice breeze going on.  Honestly, the worse part about the humidity is the laundry.  It takes forever and a day for your clothes to dry when the air is dripping with water.   It took two days for a load to dry once.

We wandered to Gyeongsan Sijang yesterday to kill some time before the girls had mutual.  There was plenty of veggies, fruit and street food. (Oh-dang for dinner, hotteok for dessert.) Our best find was a resale shop as it was much less expensive than in downtown Daegu.  We got a cute skirt, some shirts (one with a cute peter pan collar) and a dress for 10,000 won.  The sister missionaries say there are tons of resale shops in the area but I only found the one so I'm looking forward to finding more! The girls are enjoying exploring the different styles in Korea.  Forever 21 is Korean owned so it is a little bit like shopping there.  The seem to have an abundance of midi skirts (don't worry, the mini skirt is everywhere, too!) and cute jumpers.  The fanny pack is alive and kicking here but it is worn more as a cross body.  Our family now has 3 fanny pack owners.  Oh, dear.  The couple tee is real and the girls love spotting it in the wild.  Couple shoes, couple outfits, couple phone cases.    Sadie Hawkins on a date.  It's kind of sweet.  I like Autumn's summary of couple tees. "It gives you something else to burn when you break up!"

Ooh. Halmoni comes today. (As in Chris' mom.)  I am not quite sure how it will change the dynamics of our trip but we're excited for her to come. We will still go to school while she's here but we'll take days off here and there for things like going to Jeju Island!  (Korea's Hawaii)

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