Saturday, September 3, 2016

Highlights of the day:

Lilly and Elise going to Yeju's house to play (they were so excited as they've been having serious "Yeju withdrawl". Friends are the best, even with there is a language barrier. 

Getting the meet some of Halmoni's friends. Apparently, people call on Saturdays?  They all came with food of some sort and they were all cute little Halmoni's too. It reminded me a little of Cranford but with more sitting on the floor. 

Shoving our way into a VERY full subway and finding that there was indeed room for 4 more people. 

Finding a huge bookstore in Daegu successfully AND getting some new "Talk to me in Korean" books to study. I'm going to learn this language if it kills me.  

Watching the three older girls hop on a bus to go to their mutual activity. They've decided to have more young woman activities now that the girls brought their attendance numbers up from 1 to 4.  After some Harry Potter talk last night, they decided to try out a Harry Potter Cafe (Hogmead's) that is right down the street from church.  Guess where we're going for family home evening this week? 

Getting my hands on the Korean mtc language book.  This is actually more of a trip highlight. I have been trying to buy this book for a couple of years now.  They sell several different languages at Deseret Book but, apparently, the Korean version has some top secret stuff that doesn't allow anyone to have a copy! (Unless you're a Korean speaking missionary, of course!) It took all the self control in the world to remain calm when one of the very kind sister missionaries mentioned that she had a book that I might want.  She's about to go home and doesn't need it anymore.  If only she knew how hard I have tried to get that darn book! It teaches you how to bear your testimony, how to pray and all other sorts of gospel speak. It is insane, folks!  The girls brought home "the book" from mutual. I was so glad they survived their first solo bus ride but I was also pretty happy that they got "the book".  

Ooh...and I'll sneak in a highlight from yesterday.  I used big sentences with Halmoni AND she understood me!! I told her that the girls exercised at school so they needed tennis shoes but Lilly didn't have tennis shoes so she wore Halmoni's. And she got it! (And immediately tried to get Autumn to run Lilly to emart to buy some shoes. Because she is sweet that way.)  I also told her that we were going to go to the church to play games with our church friends.  And I asked if she wanted to go. And told her when we would be back! AND she understood! (But then we were back way later because of the whole wrong bus stop business and walking in the torrential downpour adventure) The point? I spoke Korean and a Korean understood me.  (Or at least she pretended to understand. Either way, it was awesome.)

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