Friday, September 2, 2016

Korean school was a little rough for Lilly today.  For our two whole days that the girls have been at school, I've rode the bus with them, had lunch with them during their break and waited outside.  After class today she was super sad.  (I'm not sure if it was just tired talking or if these are legitimate feelings. Maybe a little bit of both?) She told me that she feels like Korean school is ruining our relationship. This isn't based on me making her but based on the time she doesn't get to spend with me.  As a homeschooling mom who loves spending time with her kids, that's a bit of a punch to the gut.  Lilly, Lilly.  Taking emotions out of it, I think this class might be hard for Lilly simply because she is so young compared to the rest of the class.  I don't think they teach in a style that is interesting/fun for an 8 year old.  We shall see how this unfolds.

We got home from a wet journey from school and the phone started ringing. Luckily, Halmoni was nearby to answer it. I'm so scared of that darn phone. It ended up being the missionaries, letting us know about a branch game night that they decided to throw together. After our long day, I thought the girls would be opposed to the idea but I have never seen a group of girls clean up after dinner so quickly! We played "bang" in Korean (the sisters and an English speaking rm translated the rules for many rules!) and then they pulled out a ton of Korean food for dinner.  At 8:30.  Delicious, of course but so late.  I'm convinced that Koreans don't actually sleep.  The kids have classes until 10:30.  It's like a party that starts at 11 on weeknights yet they're all up bright and early for classes. Eating dinner at 8:30 goes right along with that, I guess. You didn't hear any Kangs complaining.  If you put Korean food out, we are there.  All in all a fun evening with a little too much English speaking. It's just too easy for us to speak English to the missionaries.  It makes us a bunch of cheaters. The sisters offered to come over and teach us Korean, which would be AMAZING.  The real highlight of the night? My bus mistake.  The kids might watch for their bus stops more carefully after tonight because I got them off the bus two stops too early in the pouring down rain on our way home from game night. Next time, I have a feeling they'll be double checking my navigation.

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