Thursday, August 14, 2008

99 Degrees + No A/C = No fun

The worst part of our move being delayed into September is that we are stuck in our townhome (that doesn't have a/c) during the hot month of August.  Yes, I lived in Las Vegas for 6 years in 115 degree heat BUT we always had a/c.  And we pretty much spent our summer indoors.  Does anyone not have a/c there?  

Today we we're lucky enough to hang out with "Miss Kylene" (as my kids refer to her) and cover buttons, that will soon be made into adorable hair clips (like these), in her air conditioned house.  Then we went to soccer practice, where I spent the majority of the time in the air conditioned car while feeding Lilly.  After practice, we were off to eat pizza at the air conditioned Round Table Pizza.  Do we see a pattern here?  Now I need to come up with a similar game plan for tomorrow and Saturday since it won't be cooling down until Sunday.  Yes, I am sure we can make it for two more days.


Ann Agent said...

You can come to my house! Since part o my family is gone on Saturday. we do have a big dog, which we can keep in the basement.

Since I live just as close as Kylene, let me know if you need relief! Come on over -- I love to hold a baby (hint hint) and let you relax a bit ;-) Ann Agent

Samurai Mom said...

I can't believe I am FINALLY the house where people escape to in the heat. I was the one escaping for so many years. It was so fun to have you.

Jen said...

Bleck! I think I would pass out without air conditioning! LOL I think it's only supposed to be like 105* today.

So you should totally email me and tell me about your new house that is getting built!