Thursday, August 28, 2008

Apples to Oregon

Yes, two book reviews in a row.  I am working on quilts for the little girls' room, but I haven't gotten a picture of them yet.   Think bright feedsack patterns from the 30's.   Yum.  Pictures will come soon.

On to another favorite at the Kang house.  I don't know if this book is meant to be read with a twang, but I can't seem to read it without one.  This is a tall tale about a dad who brings his family and a wagon full of fruit trees across the plains to Oregon.  We Kangs giggle everytime we read it.  He is constantly putting the trees above his family, in a pretty silly way.  And there is actually a dad that brought his fruit trees across the plains way back when.  And we sure do love all of that yummy fruit that makes Oregon great.  

Moving week is next week so us Kangs are going to be pretty busy.  Off to beautiful Forest Grove.  Everytime I drive out there, I feel relaxed by the beautiful surroundings.

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Sarah said...

This is totally 2 thumbs up, Mom!!