Monday, August 18, 2008

A rose by any other name is still a rose

Poor Rachel.  Poor patient Rachel.  She has really been mommy #2 to Elise.  And Elise really loves her to bits and pieces.  Unfortunately for Rachel, this did not mean Elise saying her name 1st.  In fact, this meant that she saved the best for last.  (Much to Rachel's frustration, of course)

My explanation for this is that Elise made up simpler names for things before she could speak clearly.  I can't think of any other examples besides Rachel, but that is simply because it is late.  There are a bunch.  I promise.  She has always called Rachel "MmmMmm".  Short "mm"s, not long like in "yummmy".  Rachel has tried and tried to teach her to say Rachel.  Elise started with the typical "mommy" and "daddy".  Then she started saying "Aunum". (Autumn)  Next was "Hannah" (easy enough) and this was followed with "Baby" and "Wiwwy" (Lilly).  And then there was "Chowee" (Chloe).  And then the blow that really hurt.  "Becca".  Wait!  We don't have a daughter named Becca.  Right?  Well, our near adopted neighbor, Rebecca, has been one of Elise's best friends.  Ouch.  

The other day, right after driving past the duck pond, I tried to help Elise.  I turned to her and said "Ra-chel", emphasizing each syllable.  She looked at me and said "Du-cky!", emphasizing her syllables just as much.   Out of the blue, Chris and I were driving home from some errand of little importance when he called Rachel at home.  When he asked for Rachel, Elise peeped from the back seat, "Dachel!  Where Dachel?"  YEAH!    Now she says Dachel all the time.   If she wants out of the cart after Mommy says no, she asks Dachel.  If she wants a lollipop after Mommy says no, Dachel is the go to gal.  You get the idea.  She knows how to get what she wants....and Dachel is where is gets it.