Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My berry fun day


Today was a fun day over here in Portland.  We started out the day going berry picking with a group of friends and their moms.   We stuck to Triple Crown blackberries, which are a thornless (right on!) gigantic type of blackberry.  We didn't get a lot of picking done since it was during Lilly's grumpy time, I left the baby carrier at home and Elise ate most of what I picked.   Pretty soon into picking, I went to pay before nursing Lilly because I knew that if I waited, I wouldn't be paying for anything.  These triple crown berries pick fast so I am definitely going back this week, with the baby carrier.  Berry picking is one of my favorite things about Portland.  Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.  $5 for a few ounces at the grocery store?  No way!
After our berry adventures and a nice picnic lunch, a friend came over to orient me with my newly, craigslist bought, serger.  Can I even begin to tell you how cool sergers are?  I have never actually used one before today and....WOWSERS!  It is so stinking neat!  And mine works pretty well for $65. (Granted, I would have never decoded the threading part if it weren't for Jeanette and her mad serging skillz. Thanks, Jeanette!!  You have changed my sewing life. )

Then it was off to buy fabric at Craft Warehouse, pick up a happy hour Diet Vanilla Coke at Sonic, take the kids to their very cool library to pick out a free book through the summer reading program and pick up Chris from Nike.  Busy day, but lots of fun.  Did I tell you that I love my serger?  Yep.  Totally love it.   


Jen said...

So whatcha gonna surge me? LOL I totally have wanted a surger. Some day... sigh...

Are you ever coming to visit Vegas again???

Beth Tunnell said...

yay! congratulations on the surger. can't wait to se the totally awesome projects you come up with.