Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My marvelous little bit of genius (it doesn't happen very often, so let's celebrate!)

Ten years late I came up with what I consider pure genius.  Six girls into the game, I decided to start carrying a little zippered pouch in my purse that houses a comb, barrettes, hair thingies (thats what we call them around the Kang house), a miniature spray bottle and candy.  

This allows me to do the girls' hair when a) we have made it out of the house in a rush and still need to fix hair b) when we are sitting at home without waiting for a brush or hair things to be found and c) when Elise pulls out her hair while we are out and about and looks like she hasn't had her hair done in a week when she really just had it done 2 hours before.  I love it!  And I have found my girls running to get their hair done simply because they know there is candy in my little magic pouch.

So here is where the contest comes into play.  I made a bunch of them to sell on etsy and for gifts, but I just don't know what to call these marvelous little bags.  Everyone put your idea in the comments and I will choose my favorite one.  The winner will of these thingamabobs of your very own.   Are you ready to play?


The Wilkes Week said...

you are so clever - how about the "Do Bag" - as in hair-do!
did you get my emal about Monday?

Ann Agent said...

Necessity is the master of invention! I'd call them "Hair-Dooz" or "Hair-Goes" (you can't leave home without 'em!)

I don't have any girls, but they'll certainly make the perfect gift!

Meg said...

How about Piggies in a purse, eh eh?

Meg said...
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Meg said...

Sorry, I posted htat twice, I meant pigtails in a pinch

Jen said...

Pony Pouch?
The Whirlie Girlie Handbag?
Comb'n Clutch?
Bow Tote?
Brush 'n' Bow On the Go?
I'll think of more... LOL

Jen said...

Accessory Accomplice?
Accessory Ally?
Clippy Keeper?
Pony Purse?
The Taming Tote?

Jen said...

Did I already say Comb Keeper?
Piggie Pouch?

Rachel Wessel said...

ok, I think I need to exercise my brain a bit more...I was sitting here for about 5 mintues with NOTHIN, and look at all these great ideas, man.....hehe

I really like the taming tote, though not my idea =)

Islandalli said...

Took me a while, but I came up with Pretties Place. All of those bows, barretts and bands are called "pretties" at our house.