Friday, August 29, 2008

Dishes Dilema

Plain Jane Vanilla

Whimsical Dots

Ok.  I am doing it.  I am switching to corelle.  I have always thought they were pretty ugly dishes, but here are my reasons for the big switcheroo.  
A. They have come out with some pretty nice designs lately
B. My kids can't break them. (easily, at least)
C. They're better than the plastic IKEA plates we use every night for dinner
D. I want something kind of nice at our dinner table
E.  My kids can't break them.
F.  I can't break them.

Here is where I need your help.  Which one do I go with?  Do I go neutral (so I can match more of my cute Bend the Rules napkins) or do I shake it up a little with a semi-neutral design?  
What do you guys think?  I need some girly input on this one. 

Hair Bag update (see how creative I am when it comes to names?) :  The girls and I are going to vote tomorrow.  We'll fit it in somewhere in between appliance shopping (yes, I need a fridge by Saturday) and the zoo.  We'll let you know once the democratic process at the Kang's is complete.  


Jen said...

I vote for the whimsical dots. It has a splash of color, but isn't overbearing. I think it's a nice, and fun effect. I might have to get me some when my plates wear out!

Anonymous said...

I like The 3rd one: Boheme


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!
I'm torn.
I had narrowed it down to the plain jane or bohem, but I hadn't even noticed the dots one!
Depending on your napkins - it could be really cute.
So, I'm basically going to be no help at all.

Islandalli said...

I am loving the Boheme. I think that is so pretty, and versitle. Choose whichever one will make you happy though!

Jen said...

Alright Sarah... I can't get ahold of you. For some reason the number I have is NOT working. I was going to ask you some questions about working for Nike in Portland, how the house market is, etc... call me!

Samurai Mom said...

I like Boheme and really like dots

OHEQ said...

I would still like to vote for the whimsical dots. I want them