Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween, ah, sweet Halloween.  It is always fun to prepare for, but I am always a little glad when it is over.  Tonight the Kang girls turned into (in age order) a 50's waitress, a garden fairy, Dorothy, a cowgirl, a very unhappy puppy and half a seal.  Sounds like all of the ingredients for a fun evening, right?

Here is a summary of all of the drama of Halloween.  It started with Autumn.  I was trying to finish the top to her fairy costume when it tore in a pretty bad spot.  Like any good mom, I spent the next hour trying to convince her that wearing a tshirt with her fairy skirt would be just fine.  You guys thought I went to the store to buy more fabric, didn't you?  Nope.

 During this time, Elise decided that she didn't need a nap.  This is very important because it made a very big impact on the rest of the evening.  I was busy with Autumn and just let it slide.  Halloween means candy, candy makes Elise happy and my end theory was that she would be happy without a nap just because of the candy.  Wrong, mom.  The nap, or lack thereof , led to Elise refusing to get in dress up, or any dress (she was in just a diaper) to go trick or treating.  After trying to persuade her to get dressed in any costume or clothes for about an hour, I put her doggy costume on while she was kicking and screaming.  We immediately took her to the front door for some mock trick or treating.  As soon as that first piece of candy kit the bucket, all was well.  Its kind of like piano lessons.  I have Autumn  take piano because SOMEDAY she will be glad. (right??)  I force my 2 1/2 year old to get dressed up because I know that she WILL like trick or treating.  And I was right.  See, Autumn?  Someday you'll thank me. :) (Connecting  trick or treating to piano.  Wow.  What a stretch!)

We went around the neighborhood with our new neighbors, who have a daughter Rachel's age. (yeah!)  It was beautiful weather and the kids have enough candy for a mouthful of cavities.  I guess the evening was a success, eh? Oh...and by the way, Hannah's horse is "Strawberry" because of the horse's mane.  "Everyone will know I am a cowgirl because it is OBVIOUS!" (insert teenage face) After ringing a door bell with her fingers covered in chocolate, she told me that we should pretend that it is mud because cowgirls have lots of mud on them.  Gotcha, Cowgirl Hannah.  I sure will be sad when she gets out of horses.


Annalia said...

Sarah, she will probably never get out of horses...Sofia never did. Of course, she has since discovered a few other things as well.

Meg said...

You are supermom! They are all darling but Rachel's costume is my favorite!

Sarah said...

Let me clarify: My mom made the waitress outfit in an effort to save me from myself and my overambitious tendencies. She rocks. Love that mom of mine. :)