Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quick Hello

This is going to be quick because I have to get up early for the big move tomorrow.  Yes, it is finally here.  

The girls and I did a little show of the democracy in our house in regards to the hair bag naming. Actually, this might just really show how much democracy (I keep accidently typing in democrazy, which I think is a little ironic.) is alive and kicking in our house.  I decided which one I like best and am going with it.  Normally, we do a little more of a democratic process, but everyone is asleep and I want to get this done.  The prize goes to Meg for "Piggies in a Pinch".  It doesn't surprise me that she had great ideas because she is the one that came up with our favorite bath apron.   Chris is running over her "Piggies in a Pinch" bag tomorrow when he goes over to pick up our massage chair that they kept for us.  (Now it is on record that if the bag doesn't make it, it is all on Chris!) 

And then we move on to the dishes.  The winner is.....Corelle Cafe Black.  "What? That wasn't even an option!", you say.  Yes, I know.  I really appreciate everyones' opinions and your opinions helped me work out the decision on my own. :)  How is that for another display of "democrazy"?  I decided to go for these somewhat retro looking ones that have a black rim around them.  Why?  Because I started holding up all of my cute napkins to the images of the other plates and it just wasn't working.  I have all of these napkins (9 sets) made out of all sorts of cute fabrics and these dishes matched them all the best.  Yes, I am saying that I chose my dinnerware so they will match my Bend the Rules Napkins.  My mom said I am silly.  I think she may be right.  I think she might say the same thing again if she saw the egg molds and bento boxes that I just bought for the girls.  Silly Sarah.  Hey, I like it. 


Meg said...

I am honored to be the offical namer of the bag, and I have to say, it's Chris' fault, no bag here! You did get your chair though, yes?

Meg said...

I forgot to thank you for the plug!

Samurai Mom said...

Hey, your e-mail isn't working - give me a jingle. Also are bend the rules napkins very bendy...I mean they are napkins how many rules can you bend?