Monday, April 13, 2009


Sorry about the extended blocation, everyone.  It has been a busy week, although I am still not completely sure what it was busy with.  We always try to keep our spiritual holidays more simple (thanks to a very stubborn husband who, 12 Easters ago, insisted that we only celebrate Easter in ways that were related to the resurrection and that didn't have to do with a certain little animal hopping around and leaving gifts-a-plenty) so our day consisted of attending church, looking for some eggs around the house and a nice family dinner.   Rachel accompanied our day with some loverly piano hymns and  besides the constant rain that moved our egg hunt inside, all was well. (that is what we get!  Normally we do it on Saturday....shame on us!)

Rachel decided that she didn't really want to look for eggs as much as she
 wanted to hide them so we made a compromise.  She  hid all of the eggs minus her own, which were left for Chris  to have fun with.  As Chris was hiding them, I reminded him that Rachel was a little bit to up on her egg finding game to be fooled by an egg in PLAIN SIGHT on the microwave.  He laughed and left it there.  Rachel impressed me with her mad hiding skillz when I came across these yellow eggs, camouflaged in my daffodils (aka: smooshing my daffodils).  Hannah was the first one to find her 8 eggs, Autumn found the egg on the microwave after Rachel had been looking in the kitchen for a good 5 minutes, Han
nah found the daffodil eggs and I immediately confiscated them all for some delicious deviled eggs.  Yum.   

And last, but not least, my latest yudu fun.   (and a silly eleven year old, to boot.)  I think I am officially hooked to this screen printing fun!


Beth Tunnell said...

Love the tea-shirt! We're still trying to figure out how to get out for our tea party... There is an interview with a bishopric member looming in my near future (maybe I should have done a little less complaining!)

Samurai Mom said...

that shirt is great