Thursday, April 9, 2009

Slight miscommunication

Over the years, Chris and I have had our share of communication blunders. He tends to conveniently forget half of what I tell him and since I am *always* right, he also forgets to tell me things, claiming that I have forgotten them. The worst instance of this, up until yesterday, started when I was trying to be nice and went to pick up some sushi for dinner. Chris loves Toshi's sushi, a hole in the wall sushi bar with big pieces of the freshest dead fish you can get. (so they say. I don't touch the stuff, personally.) As I was leaving for some errands I told Chris to call in his order to Toshi's and that I would pick it up. We went back and forth with who was going to call because he had some stuff to do and what not. Finally, right before I leave, I agree to just go and place the order myself. Fast forward to an hour later: I come home proudly delivering the fish that I caught and prepared myself when Chris points out that the order is wrong. No it isn't, silly Chris. I placed the order and it is perfect down to the two orders of octopus. No it isn't, silly Sarah. Chris called in his order while you were gone and decided to shake up his "usual" this time. What? There is another order of sushi waiting at Toshi's under Chris' name? Yep. And my husband hopped in the car to pick it up, forcing himself to eat two orders of sushi that night.

This brings us to our most recent miscommunication. A friend of Chris' from work just had a new baby boy and I *swear* that Chris told me it was a girl. I could very well be wrong, but it doesn't change the fact that the adorable (and very girly) baby quilt that I made them just will not do. It was with great sadness (and a big dose of reality-I just can't whip up quilts as fast as crazymomquilts and would like for them to get their present before 2010) that I ran to the store to buy a baby present with a little less pink last night and with a lot less thought put into it. Here is our conversation from yesterday:

Sarah: Did they have their baby yet?
Chris: I haven't heard back. Assuming he was born last night.
Sarah: Him? You mean her, right?
Chris: No, I'm pretty sure it is a boy
Sarah: WHAT? You realize I made a pink quilt for them, right? What should I do? (Looking for an answer to making a new one or buying a different gift)
Chris:I guess he will go around with a pink blanket. You can put Thomas stickers on it?

*disclaimer: reading back on this, it sounds like I am actually yelling at Chris, but if you are around us much, you know that we have a friendly banter thing going most of the time.  More mad at myself than at him since I really don't know which one of us goofed.  Sigh.  Anyone out there having a baby girl that I don't know about?


Linda Tunnell said...

Sarah from my experience which remember is 35 yrs. Jim never hears "right", so I'm betting that you heard right and it was wrong. does that make sense?

The Janecks said...

Sarah, a friend of mine from our ward is having a baby girl in August and if I remember right you make the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen. Is there any way I might be able to bargan with you if you still have it and are serious about parting with it.