Friday, April 3, 2009

unrealistic plans for weekend

I am starting to think that some things on my ever growing to do list are just going to have to go.
Here it is, in all of its glory:
plant blueberry bushes (yes, they still are in their pots!)
plant raspberry plants
watch 4 sessions of general conference
take Autumn to her soccer game
take Chloe and Hannah to their soccer game
sew Elise's birthday present
catch up on laundry
make my house look presentable
make cupcakes for Elise's birthday
wrap Elise's presents (hey, if I don't sew her present, I have less presents to wrap!)
finish planting our pansies
transplant some seedlings 
screen print some girly train shirts for said birthday girl

So....what is going to go?  Conference stays.  Very important and definitely a keeper.  I just got Chris to take Autumn to her game, so that one if taken care of.  Hmmm....what else will make it to the done list?  Only time will tell, but for now I am off to start on my list.  I think the blueberries will have to wait until morning, so lets start with screen printing.  (which sounds like way more fun anyway, right?)

update: despite some serious ucky sickiness, I was able to carry on. We watched the first session of conference today and were impressed with Rachel's correct guess on our newest apostle. She is one smart cookie, eh? I got Elise's shirts done a la Yudu and can't wait to post them for you all. We planted 3/5 of our blueberries and all 8 of our raspberries. (I don't have an extremely good track record with plants, so pray for my little babies that they will be able to raise above their adoptive mommy's black thumb.) We also transplanted our seedlings, decided that Elise's Thomas skirt will have to wait a while and managed the house into some form of order. Chris save me from a day of soccer games (not that I don't love them...just not today) and PLEASE don't come over and peak in my laundry room. It could give you nightmares. Big scary ones.


Annalia Romero said...

I want to do screen printing with you! That sounds like so much fun!

I'm overwhelmed when I just think about the making my house presentable item on the list. Maybe I'll make the kids clean their bathrooms tomorrow?

Just think of how much you'll accomplish if you just do half of those things! :)

Thornton family said...

You amaze me! How do you find time in the day to do all you do? i need to be more organized and efficient with my time!