Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our little jaunt up to the Kitsap Peninsula

On Saturday, we hurried up to Port Orchard for Annika's baptism.  As much as I wouldn't miss such a special day for the world, I almost feel bad for going because of the craziness that I feel like we added to the "show".  We minimized it a little by staying in the nearby and ever so classy Days Inn (that apparently hates children under the age of 4) and I guess Lilly was probably the loudest one of the bunch at the actual baptism. Chloe just commented that she didn't hear Lilly, but that would be because I was out in the hallway with her most of the time.  Every time she gets in an area that has good acoustics, she starts talking to everyone around her...even if that place is a church.  Loud kids aside, we had a great time visiting Lia's family and even came home with an incubator for some baby chicks we are planning to hatch.  We should try going a little less often because Elise has related the frequency of our visits to our proximity to Lia's house.  When I asked if she wanted to go to the park yesterday, she told me that she wanted to go on the purple slide at Aunt Lia's house.  Sorry, no more 3 hour drives until June, Elise.  


Linda Tunnell said...

It seemed crazy to the adults but where else would we want our children to be? And it was only Annika getting baptised so we didn't mess with anyone else's. It was wonderful!

Annalia Romero said...

I sure love our little rowdies. Sarah, when did you take those cute pictures of Annika? I totally missed that...but I want them!

If you come up any more often, I'll have to get you a gas card or something - and next time you're definitely staying with us! :)

Courtney said...

Hi there - I'm a friend of Annalia's so please don't think I'm some crazy blurker - anyways... I think it's great that there were so many family members at Annika's baptism! She looked thrilled to have so many of her cousins there. I know my 1-year old was enjoying the accoustics of the chapel too, so it's nice to know he wasn't the only one! (Funny how we notice our kids' noises so accutely, but not others!)
Oh, and those are fabulous pictures of Annika too! What a cutie!