Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fooking lor some lood gaughs?

My appreciation for a good spoonerism probably dates back to my dad's renditions of Rindercella, but add in a little bit of humor a la Shel Silverstein and you get a good hour of gilly siggling for the fole whamily.  I think Runny Babbit is going to be the new prescription in the Kang house for grumpy kids. (and parents)  You just can't read this book and stay cranky.  Magic.  We still have two weeks to enjoy our library edition, but I think this is going to have to be purchased to be giggled over for many an hour. 

Side note: I have also found that Chloe doesn't like me "spoonering" in random story books.  It kind of irritates her, yet Hannah begs me to do it.  Elise, on the other hand, is just confused by it. "No bunny foo foo honked on the bed!"  

Side note #2: I am adding a pole as I need input.  The Kang house has been proudly TV free for 5 years, but we have always had our computer to watch movies on.  About 3 months ago, an adventurous 2 year old stuck a mystery object in the DVD ROM and we have since then only been able to watch movies on Chris' laptop. (limiting our movie watching to when he is home and not on his computer)  It has been quite nice as we (including Elise) hardly watch any movies at all, but Costco has a DVD/TV on sell for pretty cheap....and we are debating.  The negative right now is that it is very inconvenient to watch movies and the positive is is very inconvenient to watch movies.  Give me your take on it.


Paige said...

I have to leave a comment to explain my voting preference. I think that an occasional movie is fine & shouldn't be THAT inconvenient (sometimes it's nice to cuddle up and watch a movie in the middle of the day, for instance). But of course, I commend you for being tv free & think that you should continue to set an example for slackers like me (though Chick doesn't watch it, HH and I do).

Moose said...

The thing to do is buy an old analog TV with a DVD player. Either on clearence or cheap from craigslist. That way, in a few months it won't be able to recieve OTA (over the air) broadcast but you'll still be able to watch movies.

Islandalli said...

What about a portable DVD player with a bigger screen? I am proud of you for not having a tv too. We are having a tv free week next week and I am actually looking forward to it.