Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lilly's bff (whether she likes it or not!)

When I found out that my big sister's due date was the same as Lilly's (but a year later), I told her that she would HAVE to deliver on the 14th too. (since it is Dad and Grandma's birthday and all!)  We laughed about it, knowing that the odds are slim to none, especially because babies tend to come when they are least expected, just to shake things up.  It turns out that Lilly and baby Cozette have been doing a little communicating (or maybe they did it before Lilly made her grand entrance) and decided to be birthday twins, which makes them destined to be best friends.  

Lia and I both have 6 kids and they all match up age wise (or fairly close) and I must say that they all get along surprisingly well.  There is little to no fighting when we get together and when our 12 are in the same house, it doesn't sound like there are 12 of them!  With all of this talk of bff matchmaking, I can just see Lilly and Cozette not hitting it off now.  Dang it.  Well, we are already off to a good start because Lilly loves Cozette.  She giggled and smiled and just wanted to look at her the whole time.  And when she touched her, it was actually soft little strokes.  See?  Friends at first sight.  Told ya.   

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Paige said...

What's the chinese word for it? Lau tong? That is the sweetest picture!