Monday, April 6, 2009

weekend in review

In a small exercise of letting go, not everything got done but the most important things did get done. Yesterday was Elise's 3rd birthday and with her being the queen bee of the Kang house, we were all buzzing around her making sure everything went her way. (within limits, of course) Elise helped me decorate her cupcakes which, in the name of simplicity, included blue sprinkles with Thomas rings stuck in the middle. She named each ring as she deliberated over which cupcake they would end up in. Our friends crafted some amazing wooden train and boat toys for her, we Yudu-ed some girly Thomas shirts for her and added a new Skippy Jon Jones book to her collection. (which is why she has been singing "Gitchy, Gitchy Gumba. Dinoes do the rumba!", complete with some very cute 3 year old shakin') In the midst of the birthday chaos, I was...too lazy (gosh, I really didn't want to type that) to get my camera out. In a true act of letting go, I let Autumn take pictures with her point and shoot of the whole thing. I will take some pictures of her in her Thomas shirt tomorrow for my little piece in it all, but Autumn's documentation will have to suffice.
Elise's most recent cuteness? When I lectured Autumn about hurrying to get ready on Sunday morning, Elise turned to me and said "Be nice to Autumn, mom!" Sometimes, I need a three year old to tell me like it is. To cap off the day, we sat down with Elise and looked through her scrapbook. Ah...I was *this* close to crying. Not that she isn't sweet now, but to see her so tiny just made me get all teary eyed. How dare they grow up on us??? What was funny was looking at her expressions, even as a newborn. They really haven't changed much. Her thinking face has always (and still does) look like a very mean glare. Elise, I love you!


Annalia Romero said...

That's so funny!..the Elise face thing. OK. I really need to start scrapbooking again. I'm sooo lame. If I got James' scrapbook out, it would take us about 2 seconds to look thru it. :(

MLE said...

I've seen that with my kids too (the same expressions even as newborns)! Funny, huh? I guess that's just evidence that they'll be just as wonderful when they're 13. :)