Friday, July 10, 2009

beach trip numero dos

We are back from beach trip take 2 of this summer, although this one included a house instead of a yurt and more importantly, a washing machine and dryer. (Oh, and a mother in law cooking yummy Korean food 24/7) I haven't had time to upload pictures yet, but here is a breakdown of our trip:
Day one: tillamook cheese factory, clamming, eating seafood
Day two: Newport Aquarium, crabbing, seal watching, clamming, getting large fine for
naughty clamming activity, eating clams, sleeping very well
Day three: crabbing, blue heron cheese factory, hike/pick salmon berries, tillamook cheese
factory, home

So, as you can see from the above itinerary, this trip was pretty much all about seafood and dairy products, although mainly about seafood. I hate seafood, but I am convinced that this makes me a formidable adversary of the clams. I do not smell of seafood so they do not fear me. Sorry for betraying you, little ones, but you make my husband and my kids so very happy.
(which is why we managed to clam beyond the legal limits and not enter one antique store or flea market. Clams bring more smiles than antique stores do. Dang.)

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Annalia Romero said...

I'm all about food tourism, so it sounds like a nice itenerary to me! :)
How much was your fine for?