Saturday, July 25, 2009

note to self:

Note to self: you love scrapbooking and really should pick it up again. Just because fabric speaks to your senses a little more, the memories you capture through scrapbooking should bump it up to first place. Now go and scrapbook, you.

(last year at the fair, I promised myself to enter some pages at the fair just to give the craft the respect it deserves. Because I haven't scrapbooked in almost a year, it took some digging to find my scrapbooks and for a brief moment, I thought they were gone. In that moment, I realized that they were much more important than any purse I might sew. My goal next week? Scrapbook. Let's hope I am more successful at it than I was with my sewing, relaxing and reading goal.)


Annalia Romero said...

Hey, if you're still coming to Sewing Camp - part deux, we can make the mommy part "Scrapbooking Camp"! It'll be awesome!

Linda Tunnell said...

Don't forget the girls pictures

Texas Pippins said...

I have been doing the digital scrapbooking lately. It is so nice and less messy....the only down side is you don't really have the textures you could have if you did paper, stickers, cutting, etc.