Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christmas in July

anyone have a fairly easy tree skirt pattern? I am wanting to simple quilt together a top and bottom (with this incredibly adorable fabric that I snagged at Fabric Depot) and bind it with a red polka dot. I would like to start now in hopes of it maybe reaching completed status in time for the holidays. (Yes, that is about how quickly I move over lame.) I would like to avoid the whole cutting out a big gigantic circle in hopes of stretching out my not so cheap fabric. Help??

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Queen Candy said...

HI Sarah. I made my tree skirt in pie wedges of velvet, then have a gathered ruffle all the way around the perimeter of it, then lace around the perimeter again. It's gorgeous, but I think your calico idea of a tree skirt would work out great like this too. It would be washable, too, in case the tree gets sap on it. Good luck! Candy