Tuesday, July 7, 2009

house guests

Instead of cleaning my house in preparation for our barrage of house guests this week, I decided I would spruce up the guest room for them. (See? Doesn't that sound like more fun?) This room was originally supposed to house the royal Lilly Lu, but seeing as she has shown major preferences to the closet, I thought I should change things up for our guests. The quilt was from sewing camp (for moms), as Lia and I had a little quilting class that included us both making a simple quilt from Material Obsession. And then there is where Sarah went a little crazy with her can of Cherry Red spray paint, painting anything that came too close while the can was in her hand. frames. (lots of them) a shelf. a chair. I'll call it quits for now, but I really am liking the room. You'll notice the chair has all of our Portland touristy books on there. In the nightstand, we made up a basket full of those things you might forget. (besides underwear. don't forget your underwear!) We also put a bird feeder outside the window and have a bird book in that nice little stack. Our guest room is now open for business. (if only those naughty girlies would stop unmaking the bed to cuddle up and read. and no more leaving your toys in there!)


Chickenista said...

I love it!! I wish I had the decorating talent. Sadly no. My rooms are a mix of whatever I find cute. Cluttered really♥

Beth Tunnell said...

It's beautiful, Sarah! You are totally going to have to help me make my 1911 home super-cute-retro-chic! Well, if everything goes as planned!

Annalia Romero said...

Sarah, it's lovely! Aren't you glad you put the birds on your quilt! I think they might have to go on the next one I make.

And you kind of have a "theme" going with the feeder, book, and quilt!

I think I need to come visit, so I can stay in the guest room...once it empties out again.

Jane said...

I wish I could have attended your "sewing camp"! That quilt is lovely! I'd love to see how you quilted it (I can't quite tell what kind of stitching you did!)

As always, you blow me away!