Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh, beautiful...

Being out in Forest Grove made us have to shake up our Fourth of July traditions a bit. When we were in Portland, our celebrations included a ward picnic and a killer fireworks show that night. I guess we could have done the same thing, but what is the fun in that? This morning I took the girls to the Hillsboro Parade and then we just had a nice family bbq. I am not sure if I went to 4th of July parades as a child as I don't have a stellar memory, but I am pretty sure that
this parade will always hold a special place in my vast memory tank. (I remember a lot of things,
just not always the most important things) We got there right as the parade was starting and with all the chaos of parking and unloading 6 kids, we got their feeling a little hurried. All of that disappeared as one of the 1st floats was full of veterans. You know those chills I talked about? This was beyond chills. My eyes filled with tears as my heart was overflowing with gratitude for these men who gave such a priceless gift to our country. It seemed like for the 1st half of the parade, every other float was honoring our veterans. And like clock work, the crowd would stand to honor these wonderful men. And I would start crying again. No, I am not pregnant. I am just feeling extra appreciative for the sacrifice so many make for us.

{note the skirts that made for a sleep deprived mom this independence day. I am grateful for a land that allows me the freedom to make such a bad decision.}

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