Saturday, October 4, 2008

home, sweet home

Well, Chris is home at last.  It is nice to have him home again, but I think Elise (2 years old) has been the most excited.   I was telling Chris that the saddest part today was how happy she was when she saw him.  Let me expound on that. :)  To me, how excited she was when she saw him showed just how sad she has been for the last 3 weeks without him.  It makes me sad that she was without words to express this and that she has truly been suffering without her parents.  She has followed him around everywhere, holding his right hand.  Chloe sat down to cuddle him and Elise told Chloe to go sit on my lap and hopped on his lap.   For all of you parents that hate changing diapers, it turns out that you can...actually miss that.  Chris is 100% excused from diaper duty, but as soon as Elise had a poopy diaper, he insisted on changing it.  He said he might need some help (one handed diaper changing?  Scary stuff.) and Elise got mad that grandma was actually trying to help.    She wanted this to be between her daddy and her.  These are just some of the things that we miss when they are taken away from us.  Chris carefully made it upstairs to tuck in all of the kids last night, which was nice since that was one of Autumn's biggest fears.  (That daddy wouldn't be able to tuck her in at night)  

Chris is getting lots of practice with his speech and walking.  I have to kind of remind him to not walk too much as I see his leg start buckling under him.  I think we need to work out some sort of therapy schedule everyday to work on his arm since he isn't having daily therapy now.  They say that one of the biggest "no-no"s is to forget about the affected arm.  If you aren't trying to do stuff with it (even though it might be harder), your brain is less likely to find new ways to use it.  We'll work on that, but in the mean time, it is nice to have our family back together.  

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