Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shame on me!

Shame on me!  With Chris feeling a little down over the past couple of days, I forgot to mention the good news!  Chris is now getting a little bit of movement from his thumb and his index finger.  Up until now, it has just been his middle finger that would move.  It takes a lot of work, but before he was doing all of the work and getting no result.  Yeah!  As his OT said, it is easier to build on a little movement than to start from scratch.  

Today was a better day for Chris.  I think it is because he got to eat sushi for lunch. :)  He has been wanting some sushi for quite a while and with his diet being very restricted, sushi is a great treat.  We also got Chris a little acupuncture and he met his new OT. (Occupational Therapist)  When the therapist said " are doing great!  We will get you back to normal in no time!", Chris remarked that he liked him a lot more than his neurologist.  I feel like attitude is such a major part of recovering from a stroke.  The big factors that I read about on the web (Because, as Chris likes to say, everything you read on the internet is true) was attitude and depression.  I can see this already.  If you let your attitude get negative, the depression starts to seep in.  Then you don't feel like working so hard on rehab.  Visious cycle, I tell you.  Not at the Kang house.  These silly  girls aren't going to let it get sad for a moment around here.  Kids definitely make the ride more fun.  

Speaking of kids, Hannah is turning 5 on Friday.  For those of you who don't know Hannah, she is our spunky one.  She is our first one to kiss a boy.  Agh.  I already have gray hairs from that one.  The big thing about Hannah that she tells everyone right after introducing herself is that she LOVES horses.  In fact, we were watching Opportunity Knocks tonight when she said "If we were on here, they would ask me what you put on a horse before you ride it.  I would say 'A blanket and saddle.  Duh!'"  Yes.  She is only 4 and talks like a 10 year old.  Luckily for me, we had all of her presents bought before this whole stroke thing came.  She asks me what I got her everyday and everyday I say the same thing.  "Nothing to do with horses because I know that you HATE horses!"  (Which, in fact, is a complete lie.  Everything we got her has to do with horses. )  So here is where you guys come in.  I was going to do horse cupcakes, but I can't find white circus peanuts for the head.  Any suggestions for a horse type cake/dessert that I can "Wow!" Hannah with?  (Maybe a cool enough treat with make her forget about that dinner that I promised her that is now history?  Buy off the 4/5 year old.  That's my plan!)  All I have right now is sticking horses in cupcakes.  (Which I did last year.)  Any creative ideas?  Easy creative?

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Ann L. said...

I've got a Carousel Horse cake pan you can use.