Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This little piggy....

Chris is trying to backseat blog right now.  Sigh....those stroke victims. :)  Today he was able to wiggle his toes!  (Not individually, but team work makes us happy, too.)  

We had our family field trip to Chris' therapy today and it went....moderately well.  The girls did some of their school in the waiting room and probably would have lasted a lot longer if it weren't for that two year old of ours.  Good ole' Elise.  She is.....very.....two.  She is SO lucky that she is silly and cute.  I forget why she was even crying in the waiting room, but all I remember is that we ended up walking to the other end of the hospital and watching Handy Manny.   Then we took Chris to acupuncture and hung out at Powell's.  Autumn stayed with Chris so she could see him get poked.  (Silly Autumn!)

I decided that I don't like Powell's anymore.  Ok, I like them.  But I don't want to.  All of the other bookstores give homeschool discounts, but not Powells.  They gave me some lame mumbo jumbo.  I like them, but not because I want to. :)  Sorry for the scatter brained blog.  Going on very little sleep today.

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