Monday, October 6, 2008

When life gives you lemons....

sometimes you need a few moments to complain about their sourness.    Right? 

It was one of those days for Chris.  Poor guy.  I think it was a combination of things.  The first real day without any physical therapy for Chris, combined with the transition to home.  A good neurologist appointment, but with the neurologist still telling Chris that he will never be 100%.  Being hungry, but not getting those foods you are so used to.  Lots of things to remind you of those new limitations that you have.  Stressing about finances.  Being tired just from sitting in piano lessons.   I am hoping tomorrow goes a lot better.   School starts at Kang Academy and we have a new teacher on staff.  I think that will help a little.  Maybe?  

Hannah is sick now.  Chloe is better.  Any bets on who it will be tomorrow?  Still throwing airborne at everyone.  I had to give the girls baths tonight, but Chris was feeling a little down.  I really didn't want to leave him to his own devices so I asked Rachel to play skipbo with him to keep his mind  busy.  From upstairs, I hear Chris hysterically laughing.   Hysterically.  Turns out that Chris is a lot more susceptible to tickling now.  He reminds me of my little Rachel.  Once you get her laughing, you can wiggle your fingers at her and she will roll on the floor in laughter.  It was out of control crazy.  I tried to get everyone to drink their airborne, but Chris and Rachel couldn't stop laughing long enough to drink.  I was a little like Mary Poppins, trying to get those silly people off of the ceiling.  It was the happiest Chris was all day so I am not complaining.  I'll wipe up airborne you spew across the room in laughter if that is what makes you happy.  (No, not for any of you out in the blog world.  Just for my beloved family.  Anything to make them happy.)

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